Slabs of wood are generally available for purchase at anytime.  They range in type, length, width and thickness. We are never short of logs and can support nearly any custom cut desired, to include dimensional lumber. Our TimberKing 2500 is one of the largest portable sawmills manufactured in the US. It boasts a 34” cut throat and its cutting deck is 24’ long. Moreover, our Alaskan sawmill can cut widths out to 4.5 feet.


If you desire, the portable sawmill can come to you. It is $100 per engine hour (4 hour minimum). We will need a large open space that is level (or nearly level). If you do not have the means to move your own logs then we can bring a machine for a fee.  


You can bring your log(s) to us and there is only a one hour minimum requirement. If we hit metal in your log, you buy the blade ($30).


Washing and stickering the lumber once it is cut is a separate flat fee based on the amount of the material being cut.