It is egregious to say, "It's not personal, it's business."  I can think of few more personal things than conducting business with someone.   After all, a business is how someone provides for their family and serves their community.  Therefore, I'm not going to lie to you, my customer service rep is horrible.  He was raised by a bunch of angry, sometimes drunk, Irish catholics.  He has been educated (AKA conditioned) by the state from kindergarten through to college.  What followed was 15 years in the Marine Corps with more angry, drunk people.  If he were to get assigned a grade it would be a D, only because the school system doesn't want to fail anyone anymore.  We keep him around because he works hard and the dog likes him.  Be forewarned:


  • He is not good at returning calls/emails

  • He only negotiates on damaged products or with Ballers ($500+)

  • Don't mention bartering

  • Don't try to sell him a log

  • Definitely don't solicit for free tree removal 


Tempt your faith on the last three and you will be put to work while he lectures you on capitalism and the downfalls of socialism.