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When compared to other tree service companies of our caliber (i.e. Certified Arborist, Tree Risk Assessment qualified, Liability Insurance, Workman's Comp) we are typically going to be average to below average on most straight bids.  I have put a lot of thought into our equipment set and business practices.  As a result our overhead is minimal and we pass those savings onto you.


Another approach is an hourly rate option, which many customers prefer.  We charge $250 per hour; start to stop time (not shop to shop time).  There is a 2 hour minimum for new customers.  


No one in this area comes with the equipment set we have.  We have invested heavily in some of the best and most productive equipment in the industry.  More importantly, we have talented, hardworking people who know how to safely and effectively conduct tree work.  


Our crew performs the work while in constant communication with one another using blue tooth technology installed in our helmets.  We even have a headset for the client in order for them to provide on the fly direction and input. Our value cannot be beat.  We have hundreds of satisfied customers who can attest.